September 13, 2020


Silicon Face Cleanser Brush // Hyperchiller // Fuzzy Slippers // Milk Frother // Mirrored Night Stand // Leopard Yoga Pants // Heated Neck Massager // Lightweight Sweater Tank // 14K Gold Huggie Hoops // Paperbag Pants

Besides the clothing pieces, I use these items basically every day! I rarely ever take out the huggie hoops, the paperbag pants literally come in like 24 colors and are SO stretchy and comfortable (tts), the silicon facial cleanser and heated massager are the best things to ever happen to my face/neck, the hyper chiller is a GAME CHANGER for instant cold coffee that won't melt your ice, I wear the fuzzy slippers year round, and the leopard leggings are so insanely soft and comfortable.

*PS: besides the mirrored night stand, nothing is over $39!!

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You won't regret any of these items!! Hope you enjoyed! I'll have to do Amazon roundups more often (: