January 31, 2021


10 of some of my favorite purchases form 2020. There are plenty more I could add, but these came to mind first when I brainstormed!

GIMME Beauty Hair Ties//

As long as these are being made, this is the only hair tie I'll use! My favorite is the "blondie fine fit", but they offer all kinds of colors and thicknesses. Thick, long and curly, universal, x-fine, and even scrunchies.  They don't break, the hold is amazing, but they aren't damaging to your hair.

Lull Mattress//

Okay, I didn't actually purchase this one, I collaborated with them, but I LOVE THIS MATTRESS. It's the perfect amount of firm support but still soft. AND you have 100 nights to try it out! If you don't like it, send it back! Their pricing is fabulous as well.

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Scrub//

This has been a game changer for the bumpy backs of my arms! I keep it in the shower and use it 2-3x a week. More or less if needed!

GrandeLASH Lash Growth Serum//

I used to use Rodan and Field's lash serum, which worked, but honestly I think GrandeLASH works better, and is half the price! I'm always asked if I have on fake lashes! Takes about 3-4 weeks to notice a difference once you start. After that, I'll use it every other day to maintain. Works best on a clean face before bed.

Adidas Edge Lux sneakers//

I have two pair of this style and am keeping my eye out for another color! They're so comfortable, the fabric has some stretch to it, and they're lightweight. My go-to's for sure.

Lanc├┤me Lash Thickening Primer//

I use two coats and let it dry a little before applying mascara. This is the only way I can get my lashes to curl and stay that way! It also adds so much thickness and some length. 4.8 stars and 2009 reviews!

Steve Madden Travel Sandal//

I wore the HECK out of these last summer, and plan to do the same this summer! Plus I found them fully stocked and $10 cheaper, that's where the link will take you! True to size

Colorfulkoala Leopard Leggings (amazon prime)//

Consistently a pair of leggings I'm always grabbing for. Buttery soft and high waisted. You've probably seen these multiple times in my Amazon workout hauls. I love them for lounge and the gym! You can't argue with 24K reviews and 4.5 stars

Nespresso Vertuo + Frother//

If you're a coffee lover, you kinda *need* this system. I love being my own barista and I rarely go to Starbucks or Dunkin anymore! Nespresso offers so many coffee and espresso flavors and intensities, plus the taste is always delicious and full. My favorites are Bianco Legerro (double espresso), Caramel Cookie, Vanilla Custard Pie, and Mexico. I put 1-2 tbsp of my favorite creamer + 1/4-1/2 C almond or oat milk in the frother. I also enjoy the Tazo chai tea concentrate with almond milk + an espresso pod for a dirty chai latte! You can find them of sale fairly often, just google!

HyperChiller Instant Coffee Cooler (amazon prime)//

Not kidding, this is a game changer for instantly chilled coffee or other beverages. Brew your coffee right into it and let it set for 60 seconds. No more diluted iced coffee or waiting on it to cool on its own. I've also used this for wine and cocktails!