January 8, 2021


HEAR YE, HEAR YE! First 'wedding update' post is here! As you'll see, I'm thinking gold, champagne, light pink, blush, mauve, greenery, feathers, and slightly boho! Mix and match dresses of tulle, chiffon, velvet, and sequins with tan linen suits. I'm not very traditional about most traditional things, hence the bridesmaids dresses, and I want a funky bouquet!

I'm thinking Nashville for the bachelorette party. I just want to hang out in the hot tub party bus. No, that wasn't a typo. Then get basic at Hampton Social, lol. Grayson's dad wants them to go to Vegas so, hopefully they all make it back for the wedding to actually happen ­čśé

We still have quite a few things to nail down like a DJ, maybe a videographer, honeymoon spot, pick out Grayson's wedding band, order save the dates/invites. I'm pretty chill and do things at the last minute so, if I get stressed at all, it won't be until about a week before, haha. I attached some mood boards and what we have booked so far!