About Me

I'm a 90's baby, born in June of 92' to be exact. That makes me a gemini: "Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless" which is me to a T!

I've been a dental hygienist for the last 5 years and absolutely love my job! Before dental hygiene, I worked at Studio 6 Apparel boutique for 5+ years. Studio 6 is where I really dove deep into my love for fashion and it has obviously never left! It's still a shop that's near and dear to my heart and so are the owners (I grew up with the family)! Although I love my job, I decided to start this blog because I felt like something was missing. Since I'm in scrubs all week long, I now have a fun outlet to share my love for fashion, makeup, and lifestyle with you guys! 

A few weird facts about me:
-when I was little I used to eat butter by the spoonful
-I don't care for sweets at all! My weakness is carbs, give me all the bread and pasta
-I rarely drink soda, I prefer water
-I went through a crazy phase in high school.. I pierced my nose and cartilage in my ear myself
-I also gauged my ears to a 0g.. no wonder they say "you live and you learn"
-I like a little bit of bagel with my cream cheese
-I don't tie my tennis shoes, I just tuck the strings in
-I used to have a watermelon colored 4 door Jeep Rubicon, but I traded it for my TRD pro 4Runner, which I love so much more
-I swear I have the nose of a dog, scents are so strong to me, and I always smell things that most others can't
-I have self diagnosed myself with "misophonia", which is the hatred of sound. Just google it, lol. I literally almost go psycho crazy if I hear someone chomping/popping gum, breathing loudly, making obnoxious repetitive noises, constantly clearing their throat or sniffing, etc.
-I keep headphones and earplugs in my purse at all times in case I'm stuck somewhere that the noises are killing me
-I have so many dreams every single night, and they are the most bazaar things you'll ever hear, you'd swear I'm on heavy drugs
-I've earned the nickname "Ellie Mae" because I will do anything and everything for animals. If I cared as much about humans as I do animals, I'd be much better person 🤣
-I was a band geek and played the flute from 6th-11th grade
-I had a pet rat, named Wendy, a few years ago and she was seriously one of the sweetest pets I've ever had! My mom and I cried our eyes out for days when she died. They only live about 3 years, if they lived longer I'd definitely get another!
-I worked at Chicfila when I was younger and actually ate the food so much that I got sick of it for a few years! (You got a free meal after each shift). But no worries, I love it all over again
-I'm certified to give local anesthesia (numbing your mouth with a shot)
-I've never broken a bone and don't wear glasses/contacts, yay me!
-I do wear glasses when I drive at night sometimes, they're only -.25, but it makes a huge difference!
-I love to camp in a tent and rough it for a night or two
-My closet is organized by color
-I can successfully parallel park (in my 4 Runner), and I'm pretty proud of that!