September 12, 2020


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Red Fish Blue Fish

Bodacious Brew's balcony

Grayson left for Demopolis, AL right before Labor Day Weekend for 2 weeks. So, we made lemonade out of lemons and planned a spontaneous trip to Pensacola! It was only about a 3 hour drive for him and I had air miles to use, so we did it! 

We used AirBNB and stayed in a private room in Paula's home in the Tiger Point neighborhood. Suuuuper nice neighborhood, but I definitely recommend staying closer/or on Pensacola Beach. It was SO hard to get an Uber/Lyft, so half the time we ended up using a local taxi service. It's honestly the same thing though!

Paula, our host, gave us the besttttt recommendations for the weekend, and she was SPOT ON with the food choices and reviews!

We got the bayou blue crab dip appetizer and grouper pontchartrain entree. One of the top 10 best meals of my life! If you only go one place that I mention, GO HERE. I would go back to Pensacola just for this restaurant 😂

The food was much better than I expected and they also serve $15 giant bucket margaritas. Plus you're on the beach! 

YUMMMMM brunch! Defffff recommend.

This was a neat 3 in 1 spot! They had good coffee and good food (not a ton of flavor, but it was healthier and freshly made), tons of olive oils on the other side that you could taste test (?? idk) and a really cute culinary based shop on the top level. Oh, lots of cute outdoor balcony seating as well.

Casino Beach Bar

Casino Beach Bar Seating

Red Fish Blue Fish

Ruby Slipper Cafe
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Location and vibes: 10/10
Food: 3/10
Paula warned us that the food was only average here, but the vibes and atmosphere were worth it! And she was so right. The food was SO average, and my Pina colada was actually gross, but we snagged beach chairs + an umbrella (fo free, first come first serve), and all we had to do was walk about 20 steps to the bar and place an order. I recommend ordering your own drink of choice, not something pre-made on their menu, and getting the fish tacos. I had the Thai lettuce wraps and, no. Just no. 😂

Yet another average menu but great location that Paula warned us about, haha! This place was right on the beach, tons of outdoor seating, and had a super fun huge bar and live band. Drinks were great, and we split alligator bites and fish & chips, which was pretty decent. Awesome spot to watch a sunset!! Then after we ate, we took the rest of our wine to the sand, grabbed some open adirondack chairs, and finished it with our feet in the water. It was one of our favorite nights!

A few other recommended restaurants we didn't make it to:
McGuires Irish Pub (amazing steaks)
Flounders (the seafood version of McGuires, owned by the same people)

Things to do:
The boardwalk is a fun spot with a few shops and places to eat. Loved the Ron Jon surf store, they always have some cute things! I noticed a few shops and boutiques downtown on Palafox St near Bodacious Brew & The Ruby Slipper, but we spent more time on the beach than shopping when we were in that area. My best advice is just for you to head to Pensacola Beach and spend the day relaxing!

Riptides $15 bucket margs


Fin & Fork

Palafox St
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