May 31, 2019


I'm here to /finally/ share all the details on the best NYC trip I've had to date! My cousin, Nick, and his boyfriend, Christian, were the best hosts. I stayed with them in their 17th floor apartment on 57th street and they made me feel like a local for the next 4 days. In a nutshell, it was heaven. But, to make a long story.. long, I'm going into all the places we went, food we ate, and outfits I wore below.

(Here's the quick list if you don't feel like reading! Outfits are linked under the photos!)
99¢ Pizza (787 9th Ave)



Bethesda Terrace Central Park

Before I even got to the city, I was craving a bagel. We went down the street to Pick A Bagel and it answered all my NYC bagel prayers. Endless options of home made bagels and crazy cream cheeses and spreads. I had a ham & cheese on an everything bagel--5 stars.

Then we were off to Soho, because I'd never been to this area, and hit up Maman Cafe. NYC is full of insta-worthy spots, and this is absolutely one of them. The store front is gorgeous! Christian and I got iced matcha lattes and a Nutella bignet. They did not disappoint.
We took our green drinks and shopped around Soho. It's now one of my favorite areas in the city, which I expected. Stone streets, beautiful buildings, models out in the streets having photoshoots, the coolest shops, and not crowded at all! The shops are anything from boutiques, high end/luxury, shoes, colognes/perfumes, restaurants, desserts, literally anything and everything. 


Later that night, we went out for drinks with Nick's coworkers and had a blast. We started off at La Pecora Bianca (Italian), then went to Oscar Wilde, the coolest and best decorated Victorian bar. At the time, I had no idea that I was going to have the best .99¢ pizza of my life. After one too many cranberry vodkas, we stopped in at NY Fresh Pizza on 9th ave and took two large cheeses home for like $16. 99 cent pizza + The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon Prime series) = a happy Alexis.

On to the next day. Iced coffee + a brie avocado and tomato sandwich at Rex Coffee. So delish. Then we went off the check out The Vessel and mall at Hudson Yards. Fyi, you have to get tickets ahead of time if you want to go in The Vessel structure! Side note, while in the shops, I picked up a new addition to my undereye coverup routine: Becca Undereye Brightening Corrector. After getting rained on, shopping, and a little chicken sandwich at Fuku, we went off to walk the High Line. It's an elevated freight line turned into park and art space. Absolutely gorgeous! The High Line ended at our next stop, The Whitney Museum. I've never actually been to an art museum and stood and looked at artwork. I felt so boujee 🤣. It was very interesting and different from my norm!

The High Line

The Vessel

I about walked myself to death, as I do with every trip to NYC, so we walked some more around the West Village area, got some soft serve, and hung out in Washington Square Park. My favorite park by far! It's a gorgeous spot to relax, people watch, and take in some city views.

Fact: It's impossible to be unhappy when you're sitting in a fountain & eating soft serve

You ready for more? I'm still just on day 2!

We went to dinner at Der Krung and I had my first pad thai bowl. And it was amazing. I literally did not have one bad meal on this trip. To walk off dinner, we went to the Riverside Park and it was soooo pretty y'all! I never even knew this place existed! It's only a few years old, very well lit, and walks you beside the Hudson River. We had a little nightcap drink at Pier i Cafe. Just pinch me. 
Grabbed some cheesecake from Fluffy's Cafe on the way home and called it a night.

Riverside Park

DAY 3! You tired yet? Not I, because Nick and I started the day with a run in Central Park. Well, he ran 4+ miles. I ran, jogged, walked, needed minor CPR, stopped running, and hung at the Bethesda Terrace. Hahah, I got 3 miles in by the time that was said and done. Now I'm tired. But my Lord, it was a beautiful start to the day!

Bethesda Fountain

We went home, showered the sweat off, and headed to the West Village! So much good shopping here! Any and everything. Nick and Christian told me that the West Village is the new fancy popular area for celebrities and cool people. I had my celebrity goggles on, but didn't spot one, ugh. Lunch was the best poke bowl at Poke Rice and then soft serve at Big Gay Ice Cream. Mine was rolled in crushed vanilla wafers, and now I never want my ice cream any other way. Life changing, y'all.

More walking. More shopping.

Alright, now for one of my favorite stories of the trip. There's an underground market at the subway station near Nick & Christian's called Turnstyle Underground Market. They had a new bar, Merchant's Gate, opening this night. Well, Turnstyle had liked their mention in my story a few days earlier and told me about the grand opening. I said hey, how about a round of drinks for my resident friends and I in exchange for some love on social media? They agreed, and we had the best time at the Merchant's Gate bar before dinner! Super fun place! And I love that it's in the subway! I definitely can't order a "There's A Train In Front of Us, Have One More" underground here in VA.

Giant pretzel on the left, Christian in the middle, Nick on the right

Dinner was at Souvlaki's. I've never been to Greece, but when you walk into Souvlaki's, you'd swear  you just fell into Mykonos! Very aesthetically pleasing restaurant and great Greek food! Hummus, gyros, and ouzo, yes please. 

That's a wrap for this trip, y'all! I try to do new things every time I visit the city, so I'm curious, what's on your NYC bucket list that you haven't done yet?!

Until next time, and may it be much sooner than later.