May 5, 2019


Last weekend made my second trip to DC, and it totally sealed the deal that it's one of my favorite cities!

DC was never on my travel bucket list. When I thought of DC, all I could imagine was politics, congress, laws, and all that other stuff that I'd rather watch paint dry than hear about. But, I went with a group of friends to watch a Nationals baseball game a few years ago and fell in love! The city is SO pretty and clean! Not to mention all the free and fun museums. We went to the Air & Space Museum and it was so so fun and interesting. Never thought that's something I would get excited about, but things are changing in my old age, haha!

This last trip was so fun and much different from the last time I was there. Last time I wanted to see all the typical sights and monuments. This time, I had more of a local's experience!

Samantha, her husband Eric, and I stayed with his (super fun and precious) aunt & uncle. They live in the best spot, in the most gorgeous home, about a mile or so from Georgetown. Patty, Eric's aunt, was the best host and got us into some fun stuff! Okay, I'll pipe down now and just list the things we did and where we ate. I will say, we had the best ending for Samantha's birthday. Dinner at Cafe Milano was deeeelicious, but I'll get to that in a bit.

These trees were as close as we got to seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom! They peaked a few weeks before we got there and had already turned green. The blooming cherry blossoms are a huge deal in DC! Here's what they look like around the Tidal Basin at peak bloom time!

Patty, Eric, Sam, and muah in our little parade seats (You didn't have to buy tickets or seats, but we did since we hadn't been before)

These are all REAL FRESH FLOWERS in Union Station! They were setting up for a dream wedding! This was one of my favorite stops. Union Station has tons of dining and shopping. I had my first Shake Shack shake and did some shopping at HM after lunch.

I don't really go crazy over macaroons, but that's one thing this Parisian spot, Laduree, is known for. This was in Union Station

Best fish tacos at the Thunder Grill in Union Station

Prettiest buildings and architecture

We went to Cafe Milano for Samantha's birthday dinner and it was top notch amazing. Patty said lots of big politicians eat here. It's more of a local spot

Patty took us to Martin's Tavern for a 5:00 drink. It's a pretty infamous place! A lot of the booths had markers on them of important things that had happened there. You can eat in the booth where JFK proposed to Jackie! (In Georgetown)

Georgetown Cupcakes are worth the wait! SO many flavors

DC had the prettiest landscaping I've ever seen! There were gorgeous blooming flowers everywhere around every home and building!

The Watergate Hotel had a super nice rooftop bar with great views! Bar seating is first come, first serve, but if you want nice comfy couch seats, it's a minimum $50 per person. This is where we ended the night after Cafe Milano. I'll probably never feel this fancy again haha.

Founding Farmers was amazing for brunch! Definitely reserve ahead of time, it was packed!

Georgetown was absolutely precious! We're talking brick sidewalks, cobblestone side streets, and pastel Charleston-esque buildings. Lots of good shopping, coffee shops, and food!

Hope y'all enjoyed another travel recap post. Until next trip!