June 21, 2019


I wanted to share my favorite booty workout that will get your hammies and glutes nice and sore :)
You'll need a resistance band (the stronger the better), and whatever weights work for you! You can add or remove weight from any exercise.

Complete each superset 3-4 times:
  • 1A Weighted hip thrust w/ resistance band around knees {20 reps}
  • 1B Split squats {10-15 each leg}
  • 2A Squat w/ hip abduction {15-20 reps}
  • 2B Seated hip abduction (30 leaning back, 30 upright, 30 leaning forward)  {30/30/30}
  • 3A Standing band hip extension {20 each leg}
  • 3B Dead lifts {10-20}

How to photos:
Image result for weighted hip thrust with band
Weighted Hip Thrust

Image result for split squats bench
Split squats

Image result for squat with band abduction
Squat w/ hip abduction

Image result for seated hip abduction with band
Seated hip abduction w/ band

Image result for standing band hip extension
Standing band hip extension

Image result for dead lifts