February 9, 2020


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You guys want to see more fitness content, so I'm bringing it! Today I'm sharing a new ab workout I'm obsessed with and a few more of my favorite abdominal/core exercises.

All credit for this workout goes to @ashleigh_jordan! CLICK HERE to see how the exercises are done.
This one leaves me sore for days, and I love it! If you don't have access to a cable machine, try using resistance bands or weights! Make sure to engage your core so you don't injure your back muscles.
1️⃣ Cable crunches- 3x30
2️⃣ Wood chopper- 3x20
3️⃣ Cable Brazilian crunches- 3x20 each leg
4️⃣ Cable rope crunches- 3x20

Listing some more ab exercises that I rotate between. I do 3 sets of 20 reps and pick 3-4 exercises. I try to get obliques, lower, and upper abs in one session! If you're unsure how to do these, just google the exercise and tons of examples will show!
Weighted russian twists (hold your feet up for more challenge)
Toe touch crunches
Dumbbell side bend
Lying ankle taps
Reverse crunch
Exercise ball tuck
Exercise ball pike
Side plank hip lifts
Plank knee to elbows
High plank shoulder taps
Butterfly sit ups
Weighted wood chop