February 16, 2020


I've tried numerous sunless tanners over the years - Fake Bake, Tanceuticals, St. Tropez, Jergens, etc - and Loving Tan is by far my favorite! More specifically, the 2 Hour Express formula. I've used it consistently since last summer. The color is so pretty and natural, and the formula fades away naturally as well! No snake skin to exfoliate off, lol.

I use 'medium' in fall/winter and 'dark' in the spring/summer. BUT! Even though it can be used in a time crunch, hence the "2 hour express", I always get better results when I apply before bed and sleep in it.

Like with any sunless tanner, use sparingly around your knees, elbows, and knuckles so they don't look rusty. 

For an even application, you need a good mitt! I destroy tanning mitts for some reason?! THIS MITT is the only that can hold up to how rough I am, haha. It comes with a smaller mitt for your face and the set is only $7! I've been using the same mitts since last August. I rinse them really well with cold water after every 3-4 uses and lay them to air dry.

Tanner seems to fade quicker off my face than the rest of my body, so I like to keep St Tropez Face Water on hand and use between full body tan applications. It's a super fine mist and just takes a few sprays for a natural glow. I got the small bottle and it lasted me all summer and way in to fall!

**PS: I linked all these products to Ulta, so just a friendly tip, the coupons that are always on Ulta's website work on the Loving Tan products!

Only about 1 month til the first day of spring! Yayyyy!