March 15, 2019


Rose Gold Twist Ring // Dress // Hat (similar)

As much as I love following new cute trends, I'm a sucker for classics like this green ruffle dress that I'll wear all summer, beloved LV Pochette Metis, and my dainty new rose gold band from Reeds Jewelers.

If you've followed me for a while and pay attention to detail, you may have noticed that I wear a rose gold morganite ring all the time. When I saw that Reeds was celebrating the anniversary of their Ellaura bridal collection, I knew I had to add this Ellaura Embrace band to my everyday bling rotation. Since I wear my morganite ring on my ring finger, I wanted my middle finger to own this one, haha! I have worn it literally every day since it arrived at the end of February! I occasionally  wear it on my index finger, too!

My Ellaura band is the perfect 14k rosey gold and just the right amount of 1/10ctw sparkle. Stack it with your existing bridal set or wear it alone like I do! I hate to sound like a straight up ad, but I feel like these are important details!

PS, can we have a quick moment for this sunset and blueberry margarita?? Totally made up for the 40 degree windy photoshoot day haha!

Thank you so much for sponsoring this post! Obsessed with my bling!