February 13, 2019


Before I had started using the probiotic skincare line Tula, I was doing my research and reading reviews to see if it's really all it's hyped up to be. Whether you have super dry skin or oily and struggle with acne, Tula seems to cure all. Blogger Peyton Baxter said it best when she shared that she actually looks forward to her night time skin care routine. That really stuck out to me because I honestly hate washing my face at night, and I've luckily never had trouble with acne, so I don't have that consequence if I go to bed with my full face of makeup. Now that I've been using these Tula products before bed, I totally understand where she's coming from! Side note, I started out with the day & night moisturizer since it was on a great black friday sale. A few months later, Tula gifted me with this kit that took me to the next level! This is the dent I've made after 2x/day use for the last 3 months. About 1/4 is gone:

Tula is really onto something with their probiotic based products. Probiotics, the same good bacteria that balance everything in your gut, have also been proven to balance your skin! To save me from rambling, you can read all about probiotics on their site HERE

Before Tula, I just used my Neutrogena makeup wipes and a moisturizer. (I can't believe I'm too lazy for that at night, haha). Now, I still use my makeup wipes, but then I follow up with Tula's Cleanser to remove what the makeup wipes don't get. I can always tell the biggest different after using the cleanser because it gets into my pores! My face feels amazingly clean but not stripped dry. Next is the Resurfacing Gel followed by my ultimate favorite, Day & Night Moisturizer. I actually do use the moisturizer day and night haha, I have super dry skin!

Y'all, my face is baby butt soft. I absolutely love going to bed with a fresh moisturized face, it feels as good as getting into bed with fresh clean sheets! And I feel like I'm kinda glowy in the morning! Luckily, I've never struggled with acne, but I do feel like this new routine has helped balance my skin tone, soften the lines in my forehead, and keeps my face perfectly moisturized 24 hours a day. One final thing I love about this line, a little product goes a long way! You definitely get your moneys worth.

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To find what's right for your skin, take their skin quiz HERE

If you want to try all 3 products I've talked about, you can get them in this full size Balanced Skin Kit ($97)

If you'd rather save some money and get a smaller version to test out, check out the Discovery Kit ($52), it has all 3 products mentioned above plus their Illuminating Face Serum

Here are all 3 products individually:
Tula Resurfacing Gel

Thanks for reading! You can click the links above or the photos below to shop the post! And a huge thank you to Tula for the gift!