June 17, 2018


Thanks to you guys and your awesome recommendations, I've switched up some products that I wasn't loving to ones that are much better! Deets below! ↓
(See my full list of makeup products in this post here)

was using: IT cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer (or just 2 layers of foundation)

I have super dark circles under my eyes so concealer is a big deal for me. I've heard so many great things about the Tarte concealer and I'm glad I FINALLY tried it! I'm hooked. The IT Cosmetics concealer has amazing coverage and takes very little to do so, but it's really thick and always ended up creasing under my eyes & making my mascara smudge from my bottom lashes. It was also hard to blend out without having a line. I still occasionally use it for blemishes, but not under my eyes any more. Tarte is amazing coverage and looks good all day long! It does't crease, crack, or smudge. I love this miracle concealer!


I'm just so impressed with Tarte cosmetics right now! The Laura Gellar baked-n-brighten foundation has amazing coverage but seems to oxidize and turn orange on me sometimes. Not everyone will have that issue though! The Tarte airbrush foundation powder is so silky and covers so well! (I put powder on over my liquid foundation.) I just used a flat circle sponge to put on my old powder with, but since the packaging is different for the Tarte, I got this morphe m444 brush to apply it with.

Eyebrow Pencil
was using: elf eyebrow pencil

The only reason I decided to change eyebrow pencils is because the tip wasn't thin enough on the ELF one. It was easy to get sloppy with, but I can make cleaner lines with the thinner LA Girl pencil.

Volumnizing Hair Powder

I still keep the Not Your Mothers powder around since it's just $6, but it's worth the extra money to have the Big Sexy Hair powder. Not Your Mothers was too heavy and adds a LOT of texture, so I felt like I couldn't tease my hair very well and it was just weighed down and fell anyway since the powder is heavy. The Big Sexy Hair powder is an all around improvement-not too heavy and helps keep volume all day.