June 20, 2018


I recently talked about and reviewed a convertible bra and t-shirt bra from Upbra (see that post here). Well now, I'm here to talk about their swim line!

The first thing I noticed and loved is that the swim top is made exactly like their bras! This means you can easily control lift and cleavage by adjusting the band on the inside of the top. The tie neck strap is optional, but I prefer it!

Sizing: In the bras from Upbra, I got my normal size (32 DD) and they fit perfectly. For the swim, I went up to a 34 DD for more cup coverage but actually wish I just stayed with my actual size. It would have been fine! I also got my normal bikini bottom size (L) and they fit great! I looooove that they have a high cut leg which let's you have that 80's vibe if you want. They can just as easily be worn on the hips, too. Moderate coverage.

I actually went swimming after this shoot and realized one thing.. the swim top gets a little bit heavy once wet but not bad! Just something I noticed so I thought I'd give a heads up (:

Side note! The sarong wrap I'm wearing is by far the best swim accessory I've ever purchased! It can be worn SO. MANY. WAYS. I found 4 gorgeous patterns and they're only $18, see them HERE.

I usually wear mine like shown on the far right. They're all easy to do, though!

Thank you Upbra!
(And thank you to the best neighbors who let me have a photoshoot at their pool 😅)