April 25, 2018


New hair, who dis?! So, you might have seen that I posted an update all about my hair and that I have been wearing Bellami extensions. Well, I've recently tried out some clip-ins from Amazing Beauty Hair, and I love them! Click here to see the exact color I'm wearing.

(Sorry for the eh pictures, I haven't had a chance to do a photoshoot lately!)

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that these don't tangle easily at all! My others do, so this is a big plus. Also, these clips mean business. Once you've clipped the extensions in your hair, especially if you tease the section first, these puppies aren't going anywhere. Another plus!

I was honestly afraid that these wouldn't match very well, but I'm pretty pleased! I think they'll match better if I had some more highlights put in, so that's what I'll do next time I get my hair done. One thing I've noticed with all 3 sets of extensions I've worn over the years is that they always match better than I expect. When you take the whole set and hold it up to your hair, it's usually obvious that your hair and the extensions are different. However, after you put them all in correctly, they blend so well! (Assuming that you did a good job in picking a similar color to your own, hehe).

Overall, I'm super happy with these extensions and would totally recommend them to anyone! Thank you Amazing Beauty Hair for the amaaazing extensions!