May 3, 2018


Over the past 5-6 months, I'm proud to say that I've found a new love for the gym! However, some days I get there and realize I've forgotten a headband or my headphones and it immediately ruins my workout! So today, I'm sharing my workout must haves!

So to explain my "new love" for the gym.. I've been going to the YWCA for about a year and a half. But, for the first 6+ months, I was only going once a week with a personal trainer. Yes, she kicked my butt, but I realized that I needed to be going more often for better results. I struggled with motivation for a while because I want instant gratification, but now that I can see my improvements I love going! I've been going 4 days a week for over 6 months and I've moved up on all my weights multiple times. It's so rewarding, and that's what keeps me going back! I hate cardio, so I do a lot of machines, free weights, and body weight workouts! I try not to rest much between sets so I can keep my heart rate up and make up for never doing cardio. If you guys are interested, I'll post my favorite workouts soon!

Must have #1: High waisted leggings
Let's be honest, cute workout gear absolutely helps with gym motivation, and these zella leggings are my absolute favorite. Why you ask? They're like spanx for the gym! This brand is super good quality. I love the high waist and compression-like material to keep me held together and looking better than I actually do 😜
Two other pair that I'm totally obsessed with and are at a lower price point are this camo pair from Aerie and these moto/mesh style from Old Navy. The Aerie 'move' leggings are high waisted (yay) and BUTTER SOFT. The moto workout leggings from Old Navy are very similar to Zella (style and high waisted) but more affordable. I also love wearing any of these leggings out on the weekend for errands with a cute tee or crop tank and converse/sandals.

Must have #2: Tank tops
I can't stand to workout in anything besides a tank! I especially love muscle tanks for some extra air flow. If you haven't notices, Adidas has totally made a come back, and I love it. Nike will always be on the top of my list as well! I have and love this Adidas pink crop tank.

Must have #3: Good sneaks
My top 3 favorites are all by Nike: MetconsFlex Run, and Roshe. The Metcons are a traning shoe, so they're flat and good for weight lifting. The Flex Runs are the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I own, very supportive! I'd say the Roshes are in the middle of these two, decent support but very comfortable. With Roshes, I like how the tongue of the shoe is attached and you put them on kind of like a sock. I usually wear an 8 but always go up half a size for Nike. I have an 8.5 in each of these shoes and they fit great!

Must have #4: Good tunes
I have had these LG Tone Pro bluetooth headphones for about 3-4 years and still totally love them. The buttons on the sides are so convenient (pause, play, next, volume, answer/hang up phone call), and they stay charged for weeks!

Must have #5: Headband!
This might sound so diva but I forgot my headband at the gym one day and felt like I had the worst workout ever, hahaha. I love them because they keep all my hair out of my face! Nothing is more annoying than sweaty bangs/baby hairs that keep falling in your face. These Nike non-slips are life changing. They have a silicon band around the inside to keep them from moving around. I recently got this Nike tie headband and am 1000% in love. The tie is obviously adorable, but it also nice because you can size it to your best fit. I was afraid it would move around with no silicon on the inside, but it totally doesn't!! I loooooove this one!

Must have of all must haves:
Have you ever tried a foam roller?! I've been using this one for a couple months and wish that I had started literally years ago. Most people love them to help roll out and soothe sore muscles. For me, it's been a life saver for my back! I honestly get concerned at my amount of back pain and stiffness after only 5 years of being a dental hygienist, but this foam roller is literally a Heaven send! I use it almost daily and it gives me so much relief and restores movement! The one I use is very firm, which may not be for you!

A few extras:
A sweatshirt for when you leave the gym if it's cool out and the cutest hat to cover your sweaty hair up. I can't tell you how much I wear my Adidas hoodie and pink Adidas hat! I have a few crop sweatshirts but my eye is on the Nike one that I linked 😍