November 12, 2017

Gorgeous Cozy Camel Scarf/Wrap

Is this camel scarf not the prettiest thing ever?! (Perfect dupe for this FP scarf! Right?!) It's hands down my new favorite for the cold weather. I can not believe how thick, soft, and warm it is, especially for $37. It was about 50 degrees while we did these pictures, and I'm telling you, this scarf kept me SO toasty! It also also comes in 4 other gorgeous colors - charcoal, brick, green, and pink. 

I LOVE that it doubles as a shawl/wrap! I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to style this scarf because it would also be super adorable belted with a turtleneck, or with an all black outfit. I had clothes thrown all over the place before I settled on putting this FP thermal top (wearing size XS) with it. 

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(Jeans and booties are no longer available)

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