November 27, 2017

Spiced Apple Pancakes

Remember that time that I posted a poll on Instagram and asked if you all wanted this apple spice pancake recipe and then never posted it, even though tons of you said "YASSSS, we want the recipe"? Well.. I finally remembered. This is why I'm a list maker and post-it note lover, if it's not written down, I'm not going to remember it.

There's nothing wrong with some quick and easy Bisquick pancakes, but Lordy do these step it up 100 notches. If I can make these, you absolutely positively can too. Thanks to the baking soda, they're nice and fluffy. I also love the tiny apple pieces mixed in. I use the Ninja blender to chop the apple up so the pieces are super small.

This recipe is from the Magnolia Journal. I hope you enjoy!