June 12, 2017

Polagram Lookbook Published!

You may have seen on Facebook and Instagram that Reagan and I are published in Polagram's new lookbook! I feel like it's a pretty cool story how it all came to happen so I'll give you the 411 and try not to ramble.

Back in February 2016 I went with Reagan and Studio 6 Apparel to the Atlanta Apparel Mart to pick out what Studio 6 needed for summer and fall. The Apparel Mart is a HUGE event where business owners and buyers come to place their orders for the current and upcoming seasons in Atlanta, Georgia. They have everything in this place.. clothing vendors upon clothing vendors, high end jewelry, home goods out the wazoo, decorations, etc. I was a kid in a candy store.

Suzy (the owner of Studio 6 and basically my second mom) has made some great friendships with her vendors over the years, including Jin, the CEO of Polagram. We went and shopped his booth and after talking for a while, he gave me the cutest gray off the shoulder dress from his sample line with lace detail around the neck and sleeves. Jin used to work for a huge brand called Flying Tomato and then branched off to create his own designs. And he lives in Los Angeles! So cool. That was the cherry on top of the day!

So about Reagan for a minute, she's my right hand woman. My blog wouldn't be possible without her and her amazing photography. She's the one who really encouraged me to start it and I'm always running ideas and plans by her. Once we got home and an idea from Suzy later, I decided to do a blog outfit post on the dress that Jin gave me.

Fast forward a few months later when Suzy went back to the Apparel Mart. She showed Jin the blog post I did and he thought it was pretty cool. His wheels started turning and he contacted Suzy a few days later and told her to ask Reagan and I if we'd be interested in creating his next lookbook. He loves the scenery we have here. Well DUH we were interested! He boxed up 37 outfits for us and shipped them from LA. We talked with him about his vision and busted our photographin' and modelin' butts off and got them done!

Jin stays very busy selling to boutiques but he's also expanding to sell his line in some huge department stores. Those people are seeing my face and Reagan's photos when they look at his collection. It's just SO cool to me. The final product is beautiful and I'll have my hard copy very soon to post more pictures from. They were just finished up last week! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we had so much fun. A big thank you to Jin, Suzy, Studio 6 Apparel, Lauren (for babysitting), and of course Reagan!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot. Keep your eye out for new Polagram styles in Studio 6 and other local boutiques!

The gray sample line dress//

Jin's Polagram booth at Atlanta Apparel Mart//
(and me casually hanging on the walls)