June 4, 2017

Adorable One Shoulder Ruffle Top

Well first off, sorry I've slacked on the blog the past few days! I had a busy week then a crazy fun weekend since it was my birthday! We had perfect weather for the lake (even though Dad dumped me off the jet ski), Mom made my favorite wedding cake cupcakes, my sweet friend Samantha made me a gorgeous cake, and after the cookout we ended it with margaritas. All I wanted from Brent was for him to go to Charleston, SC with me, (we leave Thursday!), but he surprised me with some Birks and they're so comfy! I had no idea how much I was missing out. It was a great weekend and made turning 25 not hurt so bad!

This top is amazing! It has the fluffiest ruffle and I LOVE it! It will look great with white shorts or white jeans but I figured that's too easy so I went with ripped denim for this post. I'll probably wear it with denim cut off shorts, too!

Photos by Reagan Griffin