July 12, 2019


Let me start this post off by saying, take this with a grain of salt! Some friend to friend talk, here. The more I research fitness, weight lifting, daily calories, etc, the more I realize that it's a very complicated science. I'm simply writing to share the latest things I've been using before & after my workouts that make my taste buds happy and work for me.


Premier Protein ShakeI usually drink one of these for breakfast, and the caramel flavor is my favorite! Sam's Club has them for the best deal - 12 pack for $17. Caramel is also my favorite flavor to mix with a double shot of espresso on ice *heart eyesss*. Tastes like a caramel macchiato!

Pescience Chocolate Cupcake or Peanut butter Cookie: post workout
Whey Casein Protein blend (milk protein, gluten free)
Love mixing this with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (Califia Farms). No chalky taste!

310 Nutrition: If you prefer plant based, keto/paleo friendly, and dairy/gluten free, you might like these! I will say, they taste like you'd expect. Kinda bland, but they get the job done (:
(Use '310ALEXISBU' for free shipping on 310 Nutrition)

If you're out on the go and looking for something to grab, Fairlife Core Power in chocolate is delishhhh! Tastes just like chocolate milk! I'm sure they're easy to find, but I know Sheets gas station has them


Currently: Beyond Raw BCAA's in Icy Firework + L Citrulline
I think I'm also going to get some Creatine to add to the mix. Drink lots of water with Creatine!
I drink this during my workout!

BCAAs-3 essential amino acids that  boost endurance, reduce fatigue, and help post workout recovery
L Citrulline-increases blood flow and physical output
Creatine-gives your muscle's cells energy and helps speed muscle growth

If you enjoy preworkouts with lots of stimulation, Beyond Raw LIT is fantastic. Tastes great, and one scoop puts me over the moon. However, I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine and preworkouts like this are too much for me and give me a borderline panic attack sometimes, heh.
AlaniNu Preworkout, more geared towards women, is good too and not so in-your-face.