July 5, 2019


I have found the perfect trifecta that keeps my makeup on all day through the hot summer heat!
Even though I occasionally change products, this is actually my year 'round routine for 24Hr wear makeup. It always looks good at the end of the day even after wearing a mask for 7 hours at work. And lasts through my gym workouts!
These 3 products are my absolute favorites, but I also listed what I used previously if you wanted more options.  

Tula Primer: This primer smooths your skin's texture and tone, plus gives a radiant/glowing tinted base for your foundation. This keeps my foundation on like no other! Use "Alexis20" for 20% off, making it $27!
(previous favorite primer was - smashbox photo finish)

Clinique Setting Powder: I've used setting powder for years to set my foundation and concealer and keep my lines from creasing. I have no clue how people ever go without it! Clinique has been my favorite for a while now because it works, lasts a long time, and is affordable!

Urban Decay Setting Spray: The cherry on top! I use this every day when I'm finished with my makeup. It's like hairspray for your face, hah.

Ps: for stay all day eyeshadow-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. I always get the most out of my eyeshadows with this primer and they never crease.

Watch my full makeup tutorial here*

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