January 13, 2019


After binge watching You on Netflix in ONE NIGHT (which I'm a tad ashamed of but WOW IT WAS AMAZING), I figured I should actually be productive today. I'm spilling the details on some new beauty items that I'm loving!

Over the last few weeks, I've started getting a lot of compliments on how smooth my skin looks, and I'm giving the credit to these two products: Clinique Invisible Setting Powder and Tula Moisturizer.

**Update! I now have a Tula code for you to use! ALEXIS20 for 20% off site wide, always!
So.. my face loves this Tula Day & Night moisturizer! So many of my favorite bloggers rave about Tula, and although I trust all of their opinions, Jessi Afshin's story is the one that convinced me to try them out. The one way I can gauge if a moisturizer is enough for my skin is if it eliminates the dry patch on the side of my nose. Tula immediately did this for me, and my skin glowsssss thanks to the probiotics! Even though I have very dry skin, the more oily-skinned users love this product as well! I've also heard this line is amazing for clearing up acne. Be sure to read the reviews and ingredients, very good stuff!
Side note- nothing in this post is sponsored but Tula is sending me more products soon, and I can't wait to share and review them for y'all!

On to my setting powder. I used to use It Cosmetics bye bye pores, which I don't have any hard feelings against, besides the bad flashback, but thanks to a helpful Ulta employee I decided to try the Clinique translucent setting powder in shade Invisible. Sooo glad I did! Besides the fact that it gives extra coverage, it's like 5x the amount of product for 3 more dollars. It sets my concealer and foundation perfectly and gives me a flawless finish. I use an It Cosmetics powder brush to gently dab on and apply. This will make more sense when I get my makeup tutorial video up!

If you try either of these products, let me know your thoughts! Click the links above or the photos below to shop these products. Thanks for reading!