December 12, 2018


1) Men's Nike Fleece Shorts only $35! Pretty good for Nike

2) Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Foam Roller I use my foam roller almost daily for my back

4) Women's Moto Compression Leggings AMAZING and under $30!

5) Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

6) Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Good for your skin, bones, joints, hair

7) Bose Bluetooth Headphones My #1 must have in the gym

8) Nike Sport Headbands Love these because they actually stay in place!

9) Adidas Beanie

10) Men's Nike Metcons Training Brent and I actually both have these and love them! (Women's version here)

11) Adidas Duffel Bag This is on MY Christmas list (: Lots of color options!

12) Stack 52 Dice Workout Game Probably the coolest & most genius thing I've ever seen. The dice are color coordinated for difficulty. You just toss them to decide your workout for the day!