December 2, 2018


As you might know, I took a trip to NYC with my mom in the middle of November and just got back from a red eye NYC bus trip this morning! (I'll do a post in a few days on my thoughts about that and what you should bring). Procrastination on this post worked in my favor 'cause I'm combining both trips into one coffee and food guide. While in NYC I made a point to get my caffeine fix only from local coffee shops, and I'm here to report back about it! Why no Starbucks, you may ask? Honestly, because they're on every. flipping. corner. And I don't think the taste of their coffee is worth the money, it's always bitter! I'm just kinda over the place.

PS, my coffee order is always one of three things: regular coffee + cream + vanilla, vanilla latte, or an americano + cream + vanilla.

One tip for anywhere you eat in NYC - make reservations. The city is full of amazing food and hungry people. It's very easy to make a reservation on almost every restaurant's website. Also, most all of the places I've listed have multiple locations, be sure to check their site to find one close to you!

(Click here to read my NYC post from last December)

In Rockefeller Center for a short time to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary

Cute shop where locals seem to hang

I ordered a maple latte here. It was good but WAY too sweet for me

Favorite iced americano

Organic coffee. I loved the hot americano I had here

The most fun Mexican restaurant everrrrr. The decor is patterned and vibrant with a young fun atmosphere. I loved my carnitas tacos!

American food/sushi bar. Loved our sushi roll and calamari!

Precious French themed restaurant. We had breakfast here and a really good, giant, cafe au lait.


Literally one of the best burgers I've ever had

Mom wanted to try their kale salad that she's heard Katie Lee talk about, and it did not disappoint! It's located inside of 1 Hotel.

24 hour Ukranian coffee shop & eatery. I had the best potato & short rib pirogies!!

Such good breakfast options here! I had a yummy breakfast croissant sandwich.

Delish carmel latte. Also the best ham & cheese breakfast croissant + vanilla macaroon!

BEST BANANA PUDDING EVER. And cheesecake. This is a must for any trip to NYC!

Many many locations in NYC. Very fresh & nutritious. Mom got a really yummy protein shake here to hold her over until we had dinner.

Such an earthy healthy vibe from this place. It was good, but not somewhere I personally care to go back to. My butternut squash soup was really good, though!