October 16, 2017

Men's Jord Watch Review

I'm so excited to share my second Jord watch collaboration with you all! You may remember that back in May, I partnered with Jord and shared my thoughts on the gorgeous rose & zebrawood watch that they sent me, as well as a giveaway. You can read that post here.

With this collaboration, Jord gave me the option of receiving another watch for myself OR to pick one out as a gift. I love the one I have, but I really wanted to share one of their men's watches with you! So, I asked Brent if he'd like an early Christmas present, with one catch, he had to be my watch model. Surprisingly, he agreed! His rules - I wasn't allowed to take full-on/full body modeling blogger photos of him and he refused to hold a prop coffee, hahaha.

Brent is an Apple Watch lover, but he really liked Jord's selection and picked out this super sleek Hyde walnut watch! It's definitely dressier than an Apple Watch but can also go with any casual outfit as well. We ended up having a lot of fun with these pictures! He just got this new handgun, so instead of a prop coffee, he used his gun, which was actually his idea! I'll take it. 🤣

Instead of a giveaway like I did on my last collab, this time, everyone who enters with their name and email (that's all!), receives 25% off any Jord watch of their choice! This is the best opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done! These watches are SO unique, and they aren't something you can just go pick up in the mall. They also just came out with a new women's style called the Cassia, so feminine and gorgeous!

Just so you know, if you end up shopping Jord for a gift, you can also get the watch OR box engraved! Personalization is such a nice touch! You can read about it here!

One last thing about Jord, this company has the nicest employees with the best customer service! A couple months ago, Brent was stupidly throwing football with me in the yard like I'm some coordinated all-star receiver. Well, the football smacked me in the wrist and my broken Jord watch goes flying across the yard. I emailed them, told them the honest story about how it was my dumb fault that my watch is broken, not an manufacturer defect or any issue on their part, and they sent me an RA # to ship my watch back for repair. It only took like 2 weeks to get my brand new watch back and they didn't charge me a dime!! That's good customer service, and one of the biggest reasons I was more than happy to work with the Jord team again!

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