August 7, 2017

That's Why Her Hair Is So Big, It's Full Of Secrets

I've had a few questions recently on what I use to curl my hair, so I figured I'd just do a whole post on what hair products I use! If you read my makeup post, you know that I'm a creature of habit and rarely change things up. Well, the same goes for this post as well.
Disclaimer: in my opinion, my hair really isn't as great as it looks in pictures, haha. I always keep dead/broken ends for a few reasons, 1.) I rarely ever cut my hair because it grows SO slowly, 2.) I get my hair colored/bleached blonde every 6-8 weeks which is hard on it, and 3.) I have a terrible terrible nervous habit of pulling on my hair and plucking the dead ends off.. it's a viscous cycle. Also, my hair stays on the dry side because I was blessed with an under active thyroid like many other people in this area. Plus side of that.. I can go days and days without washing my hair with the help of my fav dry shampoo! :)

You can shop all the items I'm talking about at the bottom of this post!

I stink so bad at using a curling iron, and honestly I don't really like how my hair looks with one anyway! I don't think I'll ever be able to get curls with a straightener, either, it makes no sense to me. Curling wands are my best friends. I've had this Conair for a couple years and it's fantastic, especially for around $30 at Walmart! It's also got heat settings, which I like, because options are good.
My mom recently ordered this L'ANGE wand and let me use (steal) it. I like it a lot, too, but it doesn't have any heat settings and it doesn't have a plastic piece on the end of the barrel for you to hold on to if you need it. 
My hair is naturally wavy so it holds curl very well. I honestly like the tapered and non-tapered barrel equally. The non-tapered seems to give me looser/beachier waves. It also seems that the longer your hair is, the better a wand will work for you. I would try a slimmer barrel if you have shorter hair, but that means you're also going to get tighter curls. Play around with it and just don't hold your hair on the wand as long if you want a wavier look.

I'm only on my second straightener of my life, which I think is crazy good. My first one lasted me 14 years, seriously. It was a titanium so that's what I went with for my new one. There are a million straighteners out there and I feel like they're all about the same so I won't go into much detail here. I use this Paul Mitchell one 

Why did I not listen to the whole world and try Batiste sooner? Oh my word, I can literally go 5-6 days sometimes without washing my hair when I use this stuff. I know people with darker hair worry about dry shampoo sometimes but Batiste even has a special formula for dark hair so it doesn't show up like white powder! I used to use Dove dry shampoo but it almost gave me too much texture and dried my hair too much on the ends. Batiste takes the cake by a million!

Yes, purple shampoo. The holy grail shampoo for a blonde. And probably Prince fans. It's literally purple! Be careful not to use it daily because it can actually tint your hair purple, unless you want that, then have at it. It's perfect to keep your hair nice and ashy-white just like it looks when you leave the salon. No more brassy and yellow blonde! The Generic Brand at Sally's is cheap and works amazingly, so I stick to that.

Kenra 25 is my JAM!! And it qualifies for coupons at Ulta, so I usually grab it there. A little goes such a long way, it has extremely strong hold, and it smell fantastic. (People ask me what I'm wearing that smells so good and it always ends up being my hairspray, haha).

If you haven't discovered volumizing hair powder yet then bless your heart. We girls know that clean hair won't do anything we want it to, sprinkle this stuff at your roots and rub it in and VOILA! Instant volume and texture. Now your tease and style won't fall out! I like the Not Your Mother's brand because it's only 6 bucks and lasts me forever.

I've used this argan oil for a few years because TJ Maxx always carries it and it's just about $10 there. Don't get it on your roots or you'll look insta-greasy, just rub it on the ends to get some moisture back.
Tresemme heat protectant spray.. another good cheapie!