May 7, 2017

Ripped Denim & Loafers

Why is it so cool to pay good money for jeans that look like you've been wearing them every day for the last ten years? I don't know either, but I'm going to keep doing it! I LOVE distressed denim. Fingers crossed it doesn't go out of style too soon because basically every pair of jeans I own have rips in them. (And I just bought some new ripped shorts, hehe.) I got these at American Eagle and wear them all the time, I love the high waist!

The bell sleeves on this off the shoulder top make my heart happy. It's a chambray color but it's a lightweight, super soft, and hard-to-get-wrinkled fabric. Some, actually most, OTS tops are such a pain to actually keep on your shoulders but this one stays down really well! I'm linking a few others in case this one sells out quickly, which I imagine it will.

I'm so into this loafer trend!! They're a nice change from the constant sandals and wedges in the warm weather. They also dress up the simplest outfits and make you look a lot more put together than you might feel 🙃 

Earrings are from Charming Charlies forever ago. Ring is Stella and Dot. Necklace is Studio 6 Apparel. Purse is Tory Burch (old), I found it on eBay a while back!

Photos by Reagan Griffin