April 22, 2017

Casual Weekend Outfit

This is one of the most in-stock tops from Studio 6 I think I've posted in a while! So go get one for yourself before it sells out! It's SO soft and I love how long it is. I usually tuck it in like I did for this outfit or I tie it in a knot on the side with jeans.

I DIY'ed my shorts last weekend and I'll make a quick post on that soon! There are tons of DIY cut off tutorials, especially on Pinterest, but I'll show you how I did mine for the heck of it incase anyone is interested! Perfectly worn in (or worn out) three dollar shorts.. you can't beat that.

I got my flats from Burke's months ago so I'm linking some others!

Studio 6 Top | The Styled Collection Necklace (can usually Google a coupon)
Anastasia Lipstick in Pure Hollywood | Eyelet Lace Up Flats LOVE