October 28, 2019


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I hope no one was holding their breath for this Hawaii post since it took me an entire month and a half to hit publish, heh.

I have a lot of fun and pretty photos that were never shared on my IG, so this will pretty much be a bunch of pictures!

Quick trip info:
We stayed in a huge AirBNB on the North Shore area of Oahu, which was much more of a local's area on the island. (Click here for the house we stayed in). Our house was on a small horse ranch, and I loved watching them every morning while I drank my coffee with the best views. We started talking to one of the neighbors who has lived in the North Shore for about 10 years now, and the horses were her Tennessee walking horses. She used to show some of them in Shelbyville, TN (near Nashville). Talk about a small world!

On the last day, we hung out in Waikiki. It was much more tourist-y and was honestly what I pictured Hawaii would be like. We spend some time at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which was Becky's dream, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at The Sheraton's infinity pool. Our apps and Pina coladas at The Royal Hawaiian was some of the best food/drink I had all trip, haha. No joke! If I ever make it back to Hawaii, The Sheraton is where. I. Will. Be. The pool was freaking gorgeous, and these hotels were obv beach front and within walking distance to tons of great shopping and restaurants.

The 6 hour time difference was such a struggle! I literally hit the end of my rope at 7pm the day we arrived, because my body thought it was 1am. Then, Becky and I were WIDE awake at 4am the first morning, so we sat on the porch with some coffee until everyone else got up. It was actually one of my favorite mornings! I was up with the sun almost every morning, which is unheard of for me, but I caught the most beautiful sunrises!

Hope you enjoy my trip in photos and my suppperrrrrr rookie vlog about it 😝

I saw so many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets!
This was at the Sheraton's infinity pool. We hung here on the last day since it was close by the airport. If I go back to Hawaii, I think I'd stay here in the Waikiki area. Much more touristy with lots of shops and gorgeous hotels.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is a pink dream
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Second morning's sunrise

Hands down the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen in my life
 This beach was right across from our house
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Photo cred: MrKoleton

Paumalu Bunker Pillbox hike

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Photo cred: MrKoleton

The Holokai Catamaran boat ride was one of my favorite things we did! I snorkeled beside a massive beautiful turtle!

These sweet Asian's made friends with us on the boat ride! They hardly spoke any English, but I showed them how to airdrop this photo to me, and you would've thought I performed a magic trick. They were amazed hahaha.

Photo cred: MrKoleton

Byodo-In Temple
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Photo cred: MrKoleton

Cafe Haleiwa was the BEST breakfast. It was definitely a hole in the wall local's spot, and you MUST go when in Oahu! There were also tons of food trucks near by on the North Shore. We ate at some sort of food truck just about every day, haha.

We took this photo on our last day en route to hang in Waikiki and get to the airport, and this was our exact vision for it. It hung perfectly over the water. What we didn't envision - how freaking DIFFICULT it is to shimmy up a palm tree! We wanted to go out further but 1) wearing dresses 2) could potentially fall off on those rocks. Haha!
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