August 9, 2019


I've kept a running list of my favorite local spots for quite some time, then I forgot about it for an even longer time. So, without futher adue, my favorite eats and places to get pampered around town!

Fun fact for anyone that isn't familiar with the area.. see where the sign says VA <-- --> TENN? That's because this road, State Street, splits the states! I live in VA but it takes me 15 min to get to work in TN. That's always why my IG bio says "Tn living". I have such a heavy country accent so it's easier just to tell people I'm from TN. They look a little confused when I say VA because most of the state acts much more northern and democratic than my area, haha.

Lumac Rooftop Bar

Burger Bar

Self care:
J Nails Bristol VA - This is where I always go for dip nails
Massage Essentials Bristol, VA- Joy is the best and has awesome prices!
Vanity Beauty Lounge  Abingdon, VA - I've went here for years!

128 Pecan in Abingdon VA - haven't been here in a while but it's such a good local spot with a diverse menu
Bonefire in Abingdon VA - the best bbq and their cornbread fritters are literally to die for
White Birch in Abingdon VA - this is the place I'm always instagramming on the weekends. It's way too cool for our area, I'm not sure how we lucked out with this spot. I love that they serve local meats and produce! Also, probably one of the only places that makes a legit smoothie bowl within a 100 mile radius ­čśé
Burger Bar in Bristol VA - what's better than an old school diner and an old fashioned burger. I'm a burger fanatic and love this historic local spot
Red Rooster in Bristol TN - old school mom and pop market
JJ's Restaurant and Sports Bar in Abingdon VA - huge menu! My favorite is the pulled pork nachos

Osaka in Bristol VA - best shrimp sauce I'll ever have, haha
Yong in Gray TN - just recently found this place and they have amazing asian cuisine!
620 on State Street Bristol TN - they have a 1/2 off sushi menu every day at lunch (and all day Tuesdays). Delicious sushi, American, & Asian menu

El Bigotes in Abingdon VA - I'm obsessed with their rice

Mad Greek in Bristol TN - great Greek food, but they also have amazing desserts
Greekos in Abingdon VA - I've been hooked on their greek salads lately

Blackbird Bakery in Bristol VA
The Nutty Java in Kingsport TN

Angry Italian in Bristol TN - FAVORITE PIZZA EVER. And they serve a legit Chicago Deep Dish that takes 45 min to bake
Machiavelli's in Bristol TN

Quick Lunches:
Piedmont Station Market in Bristol VA - love this new spot! Build your own salads and sandwiches
Bank Street in Bristol VA - soups, salads, sandwiches, and home made sides. Bank Street is primarily a catering company but open 10-2 during the week for yummy lunch. Especially taco tuesday and crabcake thursday!

J Frank in Bristol TN - it's either $20 or $25 per person for a massive yummy brunch buffet

Little Downtown Donuts & Dogs in Abingdon VA - I DIE for the raspberry cheesecake donut! You can get classic glazed or go wild with specialties like maple bacon, m&m, caramel macchiato, s'mores, chocolate chip, etc. They also have apple fritters and just added hot dogs to the menu.
149 Sweets in Abingdon VA - the best cheesecake you'll ever ever have. And they have a 24/7 vending machine!
Ice Cream Stop in Abingdon VA - I don't know where they get their crazy ice cream flavors, but they're amazing and hand scooped
Blackbird Bakery in Bristol VA - every pastry under the sun
West End Sweets in Bristol VA - If you need cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or any other sweets for an event, this girl is your go-to! She makes gorgeous desserts and is very professional and reliable when it comes to important events like weddings, big parties, etc. I linked her Facebook, but here's her Instagram

Lumac Rooftop Bar in Bristol VA - they also have live music on certain evenings
State Street Brewing in Bristol VA - love playing pub poll on Friday nights with a Razzle beer
Bristol Station Brew - they have a delicious Strawberry Pail Ale for summer