April 15, 2019

HOW TO GET STARTED BLOGGING pt 2 (apps & resources)

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Last Friday I talked about how to get started blogging here, so now I'm gonna share my favorite apps and resources to help once you get started!

First of all, I use Blogger (aka Blogspot, by Google) for my site. Some people prefer Wordpress. I just dove in with Blogger and don't know anything about Wordpress, so you'll have to research that yourself haha.
When on your blogger home page, go to Settings and Basic. This is where I purchased my domain name (alexispaigeblog.com). Before this, my URL was luxebealady.blogspot.com.. which is WAY too much for anyone to remember. Also, I bought 'alexispaigeblog' because it's only $12/yr. 'Luxebealady' is like $1200/yr.. not kidding. Apparently since the word "A" is in the name, it's a popular search term and it jacked up the price. Idk. But, you don't HAVE to buy a domain name at first if you're not sure how serious you are about blogging. You can test the waters first!

I use Etsy to find my layouts! They're super easy to install and most come with instructions. Just search for Blogger or Wordpress templates. I think the one I'm using now was $8?

Love this free 7 day email course from Prada & Pearls (@pradaandpearls)

Aby of You Baby Me Mummy shares nothing but golden information on everything about blogging. I actually found her on Pinterest. She also sends the most helpful emails! Sign up for her emails here

Quigley of Officially Quigley (@officiallyquigley) is so transparent and genuine! She sells her presets and if you click here you will receive her free guide to writing instagram captions when you enter your email! SUPER helpful!

Tezza's book, InstaStyle, is crazy amazing and soooo helpful. She's a creative genius and is successful for a reason! Click here to check it out/purchase. (@Tezza)

Anything and everything @DanielleGervino shares! She runs her own mega successful blog and Instagram, and on top of that, shares all the tips and trick to help you succeed, too! Click here for her blogging resources. Sign up for the newsletters, join her facebook group, and listen to her Podcast "Blogging Unscripted"!

Popular Presets for Lightroom:
Aggie (I use the World Tour collection)
Josie Sanders (I use these too)

Favorite apps:
Lightroom [editing] (mobile app is free, desktop version is a monthly fee)
VSCO [editing]
Airbrush [editing]
Easy Eraser [editing]
Google Photos [unlimited storage]
Record it! [how to screen record]
Phonto [put text on photos]
Unfold [IG stories]
Storyluxe [IG stories]
Photo Timer+ [self timer]
Sparkle Cam [IG stories]

Favorite tools:
This ring light
This cell phone tripod

Well you guys, I hope this was helpful!! If you have any other questions, please let me know!
Don't forget to read PT 1 to this post here, if you haven't already!