March 18, 2018


Since I've started wearing Bellami hair extensions and using the T3 Micro curling wand a few months ago, I have gotten tons compliments on my hair. I figured it was time to share my secrets!

I used to wear clip in extensions years ago that I got from Sally's. The lasted around 5 years and were really good quality, then I got out of the habit of wearing them. When I started looking for a new set of extensions, I noticed a lot of the bloggers I follow were wearing Bellami. So, that's what I got! I seriously love clip in extensions. I've never had an issue with them falling out and it takes me under 5 minutes to put them in! Tape in/glue in extensions are usually very damaging to your hair, and I like that I can wear my clip ins as much or as little as I want.
I went with the 20" balayage ombre ash brown/ash blonde by Guy Tang, read all the details on them here. They blend SO well with my hair, which is what I was hoping for when choosing balayage. The good thing about ordering from Bellami is that they include a large test piece for you to check if the extensions will match your hair before opening the whole set. Once you open the actual set of extensions, you can NOT return them. 
Pros: Like I said, these extensions match my hair extremely well. I also love that I can leave them curled and they hold it well, I just do touch ups when necessary and don't have to curl them every time I wear them. They also hold in my hair very well!
Cons: They get kinda tangled easily and I feel like that makes them look stringy. They come with a special hair brush that's a lot healthier to use on them than a regular hair brush, and I feel like I have to carry that around with me to brush them out sometimes :/

My curling wand was yet another blogger-influenced item. Once I got on T3's website and started reading about their advanced technology that's supposed to be a lot healthier on your hair, I was sold. TIP: make an account before you place your first order and you'll automatically get $15 in rewards to use towards your purchase!
At first, I ordered the Whirl Duo because it was on a great deal around Christmas time and you get 2 different hair tools! The duo includes your interchangeable base, a 1.5" straight barrel and a 1.25"-.75" tapered barrel. The 1.5" barrel was too big for my hair, it basically just flipped the ends of my hair out and I couldn't get beach waves due to the length of my hair. I also have a tapered barrel curling wand that's almost the same exact size as the T3, so I sent the duo back.
What I have now is the 1" straight barrel with the convertible base. Yes it's an investment to start, but once you have the convertible base, you can purchase any of their other wands in the future to achieve different styles and grow your collection!
Read about T3's technology here.

The hair products that I have pictured are my must-haves! A little goes a long way with Kenra 25 hairspray, a 16 oz can lasts me forever. I used to use Dove dry shampoo, which I still use occasionally to give my hair more texture for a messy bun, but Batiste makes my hair feel so refreshed but not dried out or weighed down with product or texture. I'm actually looking for a new volumizing powder that has less weight than the Not Your Mother's that I use, but this product is a must! Just sprinkle it on your roots and rub in to get much more volume and to hold your tease better!