December 24, 2017

Winter White Fuzzy Sweater Outfit

I've been waiting to hit "publish" on this post for a while in hopes that Express would restock my sweater (again)! But, no luck so far. It's still available in a gorgeous light purple, though! (I'm wearing size S). I found two similar white sweaters if you're wanting to recreate this all white look. This one has super cute ruffles on the front and this one is an easy and simple shaker knit.

I caved and got my second pair of OTK boots and they're fantastic! I still love my black pair but, these were cheaper, are more comfortable, and actually stay up better even though they don't have a tie! These are the Dolce Vita brand for Target, you can find them here.

Details are linked below and also in the shoppable picture bar!
(Bag is from Coach outlet)