September 16, 2017

Different Ways To Wear A Moto Jacket

Ever since I scored this blush pink moto jacket from the Nordstrom sale I've struggled with how I wanted to wear it. It seems to be much easier to style a black or brown moto jacket because what doesn't go with either of those colors?! But, pink stood out to me because 1. PINK and 2. I like that it's not as common. After lots of pinteresting and instagramming my favorite blogger gals, I've come up with 3 ways to style this moto jacket! (My moto jacket is a size Medium.) As always, everything is linked in the shoppable bars at the end of the post as well as other similar options.

PS, my exact leopard slip ons are from Old Navy. They have been sold out since right after I ordered them and still haven't been restocked! They were like $18 so I'm not surprised that they flew off the internet. Run to your nearest Old Navy and see if they have some in store! ­čĄ× Tons of extra leopard shoe options are linked at the end of the post!

I like how this hooded thermal top almost gives a sporty feel to the outfit. My exact hooded thermal is from Studio 6 Apparel. I love the raw cut hem on these comfy $30 jeans! Booties are from last year, I found them on one site in just a few sizes, extra options are also linked!

My sunglasses are finally restocked at two different retailers so RUN before they're gone again. These are the best sunglasses I've had in a while! I love the fade!!

I'm going to repeat myself here but.. I got my cute little turtleneck at American Eagle last year so I linked some similar options

This is the same simple gray top I wore with this jacket when I posted it on Instagram a few weeks ago, I just didn't knot it for these pictures. I wish I did though! When your dressing room for photo shoots is the car and you don't have a full length mirror to check yo' self after you're dressed, you just try your best, haha.

My gold hand chain bracelet is Midori Linea
Rings are Everly Rings

I hope you enjoyed! I separated items below by shoes/sunglasses in one bar and tops/jackets/jeans in another!

First two sets of photos by ReaG Photography
Last set of photos by Mary Skinner