July 22, 2017

Nsale Picks (part 2)

Here's the remainder of my Nordstrom Sale picks. Some have arrived already and I'm still waiting on others. I feel like this crazy out of stock/back in stock game is all part of Nordstrom's plan to take over the world. All the major bloggers I follow who have in's with Nordstrom said everything would restock on the 21st.. well it's now the 22nd and we're all still obsessively waiting.

SO, I'm going to start off with what's actually still in stock (for now).

These have actually arrived and I'm in love! They're so soft and I love the washed out color. I got a small and it works, but I feel like I would've liked a medium better. They're also available in a burgundy color.

Not arrived yet, but still in stock! Also available in olive and burgundy.

These haven't arrived yet. I plan on wearing ALL the black leggings I got with workout wear AND long sweaters/cardigans. I'm especially excited to pair these with sweaters and booties.

Not arrived yet. I got this in blush pink, which is of course in and out of stock, but I love the green/gray color that's still available! 

These haven't arrived yet but are still fully in stock in all sizes. I've never tried this brand so we'll see how these turn out. I like that they're high wasted and dark denim. I think I only have ONE pair of jeans that doesn't have any holes in them so I figured I could use a plain pair.

This has arrived and is still in stock. I love how nice it looks for only $15! It was super hard to open the clasp though, so hopefully it doesn't break on me any time soon. I also need a few links taken out so I'm going to try to do that myself so I don't have to pay another $15 dollars at the jewelry store and make it a $30 watch.
BP Boyfriend Watch  $15.90//$25

These have been flying like hot cakes ever since the sale started a couple weeks ago. I wanted a white one bad and got lucky and saw a restock and ordered ASAP. It hasn't arrived yet and is actually slightly back ordered.

This is such a deal for Kendra Scott. Hasn't arrived yet but is still in stock in rose gold, gold, and silver. 

This hasn't arrived for me yet (I got pink), but I got one for mom and hers has arrived (I got her tan). I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointed by this one. When mom tried it on she said it pulls and falls off her shoulders easily, and I could see what she was talking about just after she walked around the house in it. I'm not sure if sizing down will help but I don't get to make that choice because this thing is 100% sold out right now. Ugh.

I posted this in my Nsale Picks Part 1 post and said I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Well, it's going back. It was $45 on sale and I just didn't love it enough. If it looked as cute in real life as it does in this picture then I would love it. It honestly looks so wide because the sleeves are very puffy and the extra fabric is gathered at the shoulder on the side of the sleeve, and it's like it can't make its mind up if it's a turtleneck/mock neck deal. This color is sold out now.